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Exit signSafeSIGN uses the newest techonologies currently in the market. In addition, our products are eco-friendlyTell Me More

The All-Aluminum Advantage

Advantage SafeSIGN is proud to be the pioneer in the Next Generation of Photoluminescent Evacuation Safety Systems : All-Aluminum based system. SafeSIGN offers an All-Aluminum-based photoluminescent system that eliminates the potential problems of sign face shrinkage or warping due to wear & tear over time. Read More

NEW for 2010


New Reps and Distributors Welcome
SafeSIGN Floor and Stair Tread Marking System has been tested and certified to ASTM C1028, meets and exceeds the slip-resistance requirements of ADA and OSHA for BOTH Dry and Wet conditions. Furthermore, SafeSIGN is the only system that achieves slip-resistance without using the textured "scuffy" surface. This results in easier cleaning, less dirt accumulation, and more reliable and consistant afterglow brightness level!

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