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The All-Aluminum Advantage

SafeSIGN is proud to be the pioneer in the Next Generation of Photoluminescent Evacuation Safety Systems : All-Aluminum based system.

SafeSIGN offers an All-Aluminum-based photoluminescent system that eliminates the potential problems of sign face shrinkage or warping due to wear & tear over time, offers higher melting and smouldering temperature thresholds, as well as extended operational life expectancy. An aluminum-based system can be recommended for areas where frequent foot/vehicle traffic may be in contact with, such as stair step nosings, factory floors, etc. The system has also been tested to be non-toxic, non-radioactive, washable and fire retardant.

Not only is the system completely based in Aluminum, the thin-0.3mm profile offer the extrodinary versatility for the installers to cut individual wayguidance markers to desirable sizes with the ease of common stationary scissors ! It is also flexible enough to be wrapped around common building pipe system for cautionary marking purposes.

SafeSIGN has pioneered the ground-breaking proprietory process of applying the photoluminescent crystals directly onto the aluminum substrate, and producting an extrodicary photoluminescent illumination, creating the first true all-aluminum based photoluminescent safety solution, and once again raises the bar on the level of safety protection offered by photoluminescent safety systems.

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NEW for 2010


New Reps and Distributors Welcome
SafeSIGN Floor and Stair Tread Marking System has been tested and certified to ASTM C1028, meets and exceeds the slip-resistance requirements of ADA and OSHA for BOTH Dry and Wet conditions. Furthermore, SafeSIGN is the only system that achieves slip-resistance without using the textured "scuffy" surface. This results in easier cleaning, less dirt accumulation, and more reliable and consistant afterglow brightness level!

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