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Code Compliance

Code Compliance for the new Local Law 26

In order to be code compliant, first the chosen photoluminescent system must have passed all required testing as designated by the Department of Buildings of New York. All systems that have passed these tests would receive a certification number issued by the MEA division of the Dept. of Buildings of New York (MEA no.)

This MEA number will be listed on the Dept. of Buildings Website and the certificate for the specific manufactuer's MEA number would be available for download on the website also. The MEA number is also required to be clearly marked on all photoluminescent signs and markers produced by the manufactuer.

Other code requirements that would apply would include the ADA (American Disability Act) and OSHA (Occupantional Safety and Health Association).

If the building's stairways are accessible during regular business hours where occupants of the building can access the stairway and travel between floors, the stairway would be considered as part of the OSHA's regulated areas in the building, and are required to comply with OSHA's requirements, this would include slip-resistance properties on all markers installed on walking surfaces.

SafeSIGN's NYC designated systems have passed all required tests and has been granted the MEA No. 259-05-M. SafeSIGN's systems are also equipped with SafeTEX(TM) Smart Surface Technology, which is slip-resistant for both Wet and Dry conditions, and satisfies all ADA and OSHA's requirements.

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