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System Durability

Initial Installation Cost and Total Cost of Ownership

As stairways are often used regularly by occupants in the building, and they are also subjected to periodic cleanings, etc. The photoluminescent marking systems may often be subjected to a relatively high degree of wear and tear exposures, from both stairway traffic and cleaning, as well as to enviromental conditions such as seasonal temperature variances and humidity differences.

The photoluminescent Pigment material used in most code-compliant photoluminescent systems has an expected operational lifespan of 10-20 years or longer, however, the substrate material which the photoluminescent pigment is applied to, may have different resistances to wear and tear and enviromental impacts, this would have also an effect on the operational lifespan of the installed system.

When initially choosing a system, most customers are accustomed to put emphasis on the cost of the materials and the the inital installation. However, one factor that is often overlooked is the durability factor, since repairs and replacement over the lifespan of the sytem would add to the total ownership cost of the system, it is also important to evaluate the wear and tear resistance and durability of the sysytem to be installed.

SafeSIGN's unique SafeTEX(TM) surface-enabled uni-bonded aluminum-based system provides one of the highest durability standards in the industry. The proprietory uni-bonded manufacturing process of thermally fusing the pigments to the aluminum substrate, increases the durability threshold and eliminates risks of de-lamination over the conventional adhesive lamination method.

SafeSIGN provides the best value in long term operational cost savings and facilitates the lowest total cost of ownership over the operational lifespan of the system, with the minimal amount of repairs and replacement required.

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12-20-2009 SafeSIGN passed all testing requirements!
SafeSIGN has passed all testing requirements for the new 2009 International Building Code Section 1024 – Luminous Egress Path Markings.
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