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Slip Resistance

Slip Resistance for Floor and Step-mounted markers

When choosing a photoluminescent stairway system, it is recommended to select a system that are equipped with slip-resistant properties for its floor and stair step-mounted markers.

This is important for the Three reasons :

1) Code Compliance.
2) Occupant Protection.
3) Minimizing Liability Exposure for the building for slip-n-fall accidents.

When selecting systems with slip-resistance, it is also recommended to look for systems that is equipped with slip-resistance for both Dry and Wet conditions, as it has been observed that during the WTC evacuation, the fire sprinkler system was activated due to the fire alarm, and the water from the automated sprinkler systems had no primary outlet except for the stairways, therefore resulted in a "waterfall"-like scenerio occurred in the evacuation stairways WHILE the evacuees were trying to exit the building, many evacuees had reported very slippery conditions in the stairways during their evacuation, adding to the risks of injury and panic during the emergency evacuation.

Therefore, if there your builidng is equipped with fire sprinkler systems, it is suggested that a system with wet/dry slip-resistant marking system be used for floor/landing/step-mounted applications.

SafeSIGN's NYC systems are equipped with SafeTEX(TM) Smart Surface Technology, which is certified by U.S. independant lab for to have met and exceeded all slip-resistance resistance requirements for both wet and dry conditions by ADA and OSHA.

SafeSIGN's unique SafeTEX(TM) Surface Technology is the only photoluminescent system in the world that does not require a "scuffy" or rough surface texture required to achieve slip-resistance. This eliminated the problem of dust enbedment/ingraining into the rough surface of the slip-resistance coatings found on common slip-resistant markers. SafeTEX(TM) surface is "smooth", and slip-resistant.

Furthermore, SafeSIGN will provide al customers with the slip-resistance testing certificate for SafeSIGN's photoluminescent marking system, providing the addistional assurance for the building owners and management customers should a slip-n-fall lawsuit occurs, the building will be able to present the certificate of slip-resistance test to the court and shown that the building has utilized a slip-resistant photoluminescent marking system for all walking surfaces in the stairways to protect the occupants in the building.

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