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Glowing numberSafeSIGN utilizes a special high-performance phosphorescent pigment (Strontium Aluminate) that is capable of absorbing light from all common light sources and store this energy within its material structure very much like a rechargable battery.
As current fire safety system of the common facilities and buildings are commonly dependant on emergency electrical power. In the event of a backup power failure or damage to the electrical system, or if the emergency light are obscured by smoke and fallen debris, the occupants evacuating the building can be in grave danger.

SafeSIGN converts previously stored energy back into light, resulting in a fully-illuminated sign independent of any light source for hours under total darkness.


SafeSIGN is non-radioactive, non-toxic, chemically and thermally stable, and environmentally friendly. It can be fully charged in as little as 10 minutes, and stay charged until the surrounding darkens. It can be charged for an unlimited number of time, and has no memory effect for recharging, as commonly found in rechargable batteries. Return to previous page

NEW for 2010


New Reps and Distributors Welcome
SafeSIGN Floor and Stair Tread Marking System has been tested and certified to ASTM C1028, meets and exceeds the slip-resistance requirements of ADA and OSHA for BOTH Dry and Wet conditions. Furthermore, SafeSIGN is the only system that achieves slip-resistance without using the textured "scuffy" surface. This results in easier cleaning, less dirt accumulation, and more reliable and consistant afterglow brightness level!

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